Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Astrological Philosophy for the Natal Individual —Part Three

Unfortunately this relatively new reticence to apply astrology's finding onto the physical world goes back to a rationale introduced over two hundred years ago, ironically called “The Enlightenment”, giving astrology an opaque quality that many materialistic thinkers find aggravating and irrelevant. And they would be partly right, emphasizing adjective qualities is ephemeral and vague; but that is exactly the level of information the Zodiac provides, which is only one facet of all astrology. What many people investigating astrology, including many astrologers, do not realize, is there is more to astrology than simple" keywords"; although some never explore it beyond those partial interpretations.

So often scientifically and materialistic thinkers do not see the value in following through the various patterns, correlations and concepts of symbology even though these interpretations really do reflect real world ideas and situations which are affected, even remotely, by physical effects. This, I think is a fundamental mistake that can only be overcome by individual practice and study of the most empirical readings of astrology. This is not an easy study to embark on by a single student because it does require academic evaluation of information, much which is contradictory and lacking clarity, often because it is taken out of its original context. For the individual student, though, this often begins by requesting a personal reading of a natal chart, but often is because the individual has larger questions they do not know to ask.

Unfortunately astrology will not automatically point one in the right direction nor necessarily provide the wanted answers an individual is seeking. At the heart of astrology is a wealth of consideration of the human condition, but often what is there is disregarded and ignored by the individual because at first it seems too limited in its scope to be a true answer. Often one must meditate on the answer given before anything meaningful is deduced. This is where the spiritual or philosophical development of the individual can help, although it is not a requirement for personal insight.

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