Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fourteen degrees Taurus—an old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner

Verbena June 2006

I've felt old most of my life,
The time spent figuring out
What I've always known:
That the older I get the less I know;
That the more I become comfortable in my own skin,
The stranger and more grotesque the World appears.

How strange to find myself at a crossroads
And barely able to satisfy
To always be comfortable is a skill,
A blessing…

But then who wants to be comfortable in a storm
or a swirling vortex?

Title quoted from "Degree Analyses Part II: Chandra Symbols In the Horoscope" by John Sandbach


The Emancipation of Mimi said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thank you for this poem.

Nathan Kibler said...

Thanks for your appreciation. At one point this was going to be a start to a poem cycle all featuring Chandra symbols. I may have to revisit that.