Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Drawing two sides together: apophenia and "Masquerade"

The following link leads to an essay on apophenia or the power of the mind to find meaning in randomness. It may seem to be off the subject of astrology, but I believe the author was saying something much more profound. See if you agree with me.

‘This Goes All the Way to the Queen’: The Puzzle Book that Drove England to Madness

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Yes, dear Virginia, even "the Enlightenment" will be disproved.

The following link connects to more of an editorial than a news article, but as I've noticed similar behaviors and attitudes before on the Internets this is a salient read and worthy of noting. What scientists, who defend their closed-mindedness against the symbolism and the recognized action-at-a-distance force that Astrology attempts to describe, do not realize is they are a vanguard against physical reality, which eventually sweeps their attitudes away in time. Already, even people who have supported Bok and others, have changed their minds and recanted.

astrologynewsservice.com: Astrology's critics a dedicated bunch