Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Quantum Mechanics and Despair

Salpiglossis and Marigolds October 2006
Recently I was forwarded a link that has been circulating among various astrology bloggers for a book explaining aspects of quantum theory. The excerpts from Everything Forever by Gevin Giorbran are excellent and lay out progressively many ideas I've encountered before in my own studies. That site also includes a link to Imagining the Tenth Dimension, a book by Rob Bryanton which follows an understanding of dimensional thinking related to quantum mechanics. It got me thinking deeply about spiritual knowledge and a recent conversation on another blog inspired me to write the following:

I often struggle with the elusive qualities of spiritual thought, but recently I've begun to contemplate the notion that spiritual knowledge is part of a larger dimension of empirical knowledge, persistent and constant with the physical dimensions we experience. Like Time, which we only notice by its progressive effect, all knowledge is experienced through the mind but affects our physical world when we learn to apply it. Emotion is another form of knowledge, but requires a more intuitive application. We can posit these two forms of knowledge as different extremes: one structured the other chaotic.

As I have learned by studying the Tao, the only way we can effectively apply both extremes is by centering ourselves between them so that they swirl around and away from us. If we attempt to follow only one or the other, we will move away from our authentic self; but if we follow both structure and chaos at once, say by following a spiritual discipline such as cultivating a balanced understanding of astrology; we can expand our consciousness outward from one of self-consciousness to one of universal consciousness.

Despair is an emotional reaction to confusion. It moves one away from centeredness exposing the underbelly of society and revealing the inauthentic in life. It develops from loosing perspective on the universal by leaving individual responsibility out of the equation; only when self-responsibility is maintained and spiritual knowledge applied can one move away from emotional responses of confusion toward a more authentic and balanced way of being.


Tseka said...

Nathan! i am glad to find your site Rhythm of the Spheres. I'm off to read more of your posts.

I often struggle with the elusive qualities of spiritual thought, but recently I've begun to contemplate the notion that spiritual knowledge is part of a larger dimension of empirical knowledge, persistent and constant with the physical dimensions we experience.

Patterns of the spirit - my quest for as long as i can remember.

Nathan said...

Thank you! I am always impressed by your insight, Tseka.

Recognizing the spiritual pattern of our lives is a quest of evolutional proportions.

kj said...

Ah yes, the ephemeral, elusive "middle way" of balance. Grand to experience, but where would we be without all the tumbles into chaos, or order? @;-)

good reading, thank you, Nathan. I am also a long-time student of The Way. It doesn't ever get old because is seems there is forever another interpretation just around the corner.

Nathan said...

You are most welcome, KJ!

Neith said...

Congratulations, Nathan!! You have a lot to offer and it is so good to see you are sharing the treasures of your perspective with us!!

BTW, linked your blog . . . :-)

Nathan said...

Thank you, Neith! I very much appreciate reading your writing on synastry. My mother creates fiber art, so I also enjoy the unique mix of your adventures at Neith.net.

Tseka said...

Nathan saw your comment re increased sensory acuity. I trace mine back to the 28 August eclipse. Thought i'd drop this here for your consideration. For me the hearing is the most exceptional but increases are across the board.

Interesting isn't it?

Nathan said...

Thanks, Tseka for the clarification. I hadn't picked up on the length of time you've been experiencing this, but it follows reason the ecilpse is a trigger for you. The idea that the moon's nodes wobbling could trigger physical effects has got my brain buzzing.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

"Despair is an emotional reaction to confusion."

This sentence arrived at my consciousness exactly when it was needed.

Love your blog: I came, I saw, I linked.

Nathan said...

Thank you and you are most welcome, Matthew. I very much enjoy reading your blog as well.

elizabeth spring said...

Hi Nathan! Very thoughtful post about despair....I agree, and yet I wonder too if I would be able to sustain that viewpoint if the chaos of a horrific experience overwhelmed me. Healing would be to being able to put it into a larger perspective/story, but might be really hard to do.
Anyway thanks for dropping by to visit my blog with Neith, and I'll be checking in with you from time to time....~elizabeth (northnodeastrology.blogspot.com)

Nathan said...

Thank you for your excellent comment, Elizabeth. I agree finding balance in the face of adversity is one of the great challenges of existence. I also understand healing from adversity follows a principal similar to the conservation of energy as demonstrated by the movement of a pendulum; that is, as a mind spends less activity experiencing the initial chaos and more energy correcting and caring for the self in the wake of catastrophe, the more one encounters centeredness.

It is often stated that "time heals all wounds;" and it is true, perspective is gained by examination of what has past. Perspective in the present though is achieved by seeing both extremes of chaos and order as equal. Understanding this distinction can bring hope to a situation that is overwhelming and hope is what allows the individual to progress forward in the face of adversity. The more one is able to achieve balance through a daily practice the less likely potentially chaotic experiences will overwhelm the self.