Monday, March 24, 2008


I have not set any goals or timelines for this Blog. But I'm not really posting to announce my intentions for it or to apologize for my lack of activity here. I'd like to point you to fellow astroblogger, Pat Paquette, who has posted an excellent essay regarding the Nodes and the book which I mentioned in my following post of last October.

I have to take a moment to compliment her on her ability to put ideas into words. With her essay she has brought together ideas that I admit were also percolating in my brain last fall, but because of one thing or another I could not express myself. In very clear and specific language she has set forth her own understanding of these complex ideas.

I must mention other people who blog regularly and I've gained great insight into astrology from reading their words. I've included them in the list of links to the side, but I'd like to mention their writing on astrology is very insightful. JM of Raging Universe has posted several essays on nodes in the past that have revolutionized how I think about them. She regularly posts about transits and what they mean on a national level.

Neith and I have had very friendly correspondence about our natal charts and I have to say her writing on Synastry is changing my own understanding of how charts work together. She also collaborates with Elizabeth Spring at North Node Astrology, who I might add has a think piece printed in the recent April/May issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

Tseka is a regular commentator on many of these blogs as well and in my mind is a very accomplished watercolor artist and poet.