Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Astroblogging

Two of my favorite astrobloggers, Diane "Neith" Lang and Pat Paquette, are collaborating with a new web page, RealAstrologers. Congratulations go to them for launching this new platform! In fact, with the Sun in Aries and the new moon from this weekend occurring also in Aries there are many new beginnings in process. My last post focused on the many female astrologers I've encountered, so I'd like to also mention the male astrologers who've pointed me in as many good directions.

Mikel Poulsen is the first astrologer I hired. I met Mikel through Gay City's Gay University event which has successfully brought together the community annually for consciousness and spirit raising. Mikel's accessible and friendly astrology overview at Gay University helped me focus my own interest in the subject.

A few months later I met with him to see if astrology could point me in a better direction than I was headed. Our session was far too short, but it was packed with valuable information that I've continued to refer back to time and again for guidance. While it was impossible to answer all my questions about astrology at that time, Mikel did a really good job showing me how the planets in my natal chart interact with each other and signify the traits that are my personality. I can thank Mikel for giving me the confidence to investigate astrology further and not be too quick to settle on one interpretation of my planets over another.

A year or so later I moved to Vashon, Washington and continuing with my astrology studies I met the next astrologer who would expand my understanding of the symbology of astrology, Mark Borax. Mark conducted a series of classes on astrology drawing from the mystery school tradition of Ellias Lonsdale. This "soul-level" astrology is highly symbolic and speaks of spiritual evolution rather than the psychological methods of Western astrology. These classes taught me to understand further the role of astrology within the context of a person's life.

Mark has written a book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, elaborating his own experience learning astrology, which is due to publish this month from North Atlantic Books. I have yet to peruse the manuscript, but the excerpt he shared with me some time ago promises to be a personal memoir with unique metaphysical insights into our civilization's future.