Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mercury Rx Taurus and Gemini

Mercury stationed direct last Saturday evening after a nearly month-long retrograde period. The station is the point when a planet appears stopped in its forward movement and can last a day or so. While it is typical to discover electronic flukes during a Mercury retrograde (Rx), the station is often when Mercury Rx effects are felt most strongly. It is also a good time to review communications and monetary transactions.

Mercury entered the first degrees of this Rx period back on April 22nd when it passed through the twenty second degree of Taurus. Its forward movement carried it through the end of April to May 1st when it entered Gemini. It began its Rx station by appearing to slow down from our observation while earth's orbit coincided with its position in the sky.

Mercury stationed Rx in the beginning of Gemini, where Mercury is said to rule, but it moved back into Taurus for most of the Rx period, from May 7th through the 22nd, traveling between the first degree of Gemini all the way back to that twenty-second degree of Taurus. Emails not sent (or otherwise held onto) is a typical effect of Mercury Rx in Taurus as Taurus is fixed energy and tends to preserve the status quo. For the following two weeks while Mercury remains in Taurus one may encounter more communications that have been held onto or waylaid through the potential of this fixed energy.

Once Mercury enters Gemini again it will be easier to correct any complications that have surfaced as a result of mercurial blindness during this and previous retrograde periods. Gemini is the zodiac sign of mutable air, so has advantages over the fixed earth energy of Taurus when it comes to communication. We can all expect our lives to speed up as our communications become more effective and critical during Mercury's transit through its own kingdom.